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Consultations form IT security specialists and IT management

We provide consultation service and support for IT departments, consultation services for strategical planning and developement ICT infrastructure for preservation of business continuity. With the knowledge of environment, optimaly with usage of a previously performed audit, we participate on key meetings in companies.

Firewalls and active security network elements

Diestra® is certified partner of world leading market producers and suppliers of computer a nd network security solutions of renowed compnies as well as the Ciscco, Sophos and ESET are. We keep your company ICT infractructure in great condition, stable and reliable. And what else - we keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure.

Auditing of ICT infrastructure for business copmanies

We create audits of ICT infrastructure on the basis of which the costs of ICT operations and service (TCO) can be significantly reduced. We focuse on specific items of ICT (HW and SW) and also for it's eficiency in relation to company budget, ICT audit can help you plannig future investitions to ICT, technical equipment and ensuring the business continuity by suitable hardware and equipment.

Monitoring and management of PC networks

By monitoring individual parts of the computer network and by the monitoring of sensors like snmp packets sensors are, we ensure your PC network the smooth operation and safe operation of your ICT infrastructure from unpleasant obstacles and pitfalls, which are causing most often problems with the smooth operation of computer networks and their peripetials, active parts and components..

Complete service for servers

We will help you with the choosing of the suitable hardware and type of running software and maintenence on your machine. Then we mediate for you transport, setting up and installation of server in your company and finally implement the whole system in your ICT infrastructure. We offer lots of world famous brands of many variations and assemblies.

Backupping and data protection

We will prepare a suitable type of data storage for you, which you will be able to use to back up data from the server, end stations and the entire infrastructure of information and communication technologies of your company or organization. We will keep your backed up data current, secure and ready for immediate use if needed.

Diestra® & The Microsoft Office 365


 Implementation of Microsoft Office 365 in corporate IT

Microsoft Office 365 services resp. Exchange online, provide secure access to corporate data, e-mail, instant messaging applications, shared calendars, video conferencing, and file sharing from virtually anywhere. These are cloud services hosted by Microsoft that work with the familiar Office system, so you can do your job faster.

It is a very effective form of cooperation and communication within organizations of various sizes.




Diestra® & Cisco solutions


CISCO - technology for secure networks


Cisco Systems, Inc., based in the United States, is currently one of the largest ICT companies with a dominant position in the computer technology market. Cisco is synonymous with IT solutions designed to meet the complex needs of your organization. Cisco provides a wide variety of technologies that can effectively access resources in an organization's computing infrastructure while very sophisticatedly protecting, managing, and supervising computer networks of sizes and topologies from the smallest to giant network infrastructure or data centers. Cisco stands for state-of-the-art networking technology. The offer includes basic switches, WiFi connection points, tools for IP telephony, software and hardware for video conferencing to the most complex elements, such as data center control and perimeter protection. The vast majority of technologies from this company are subject to a uniform design of the environment, which is constantly improving and expanding its possibilities and reach. Ask how we can help you with Cisco technologies.


Diestra® & PRTG network monitor company


 Computer networks supervised 24/7 - 365 days  


PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive system for monitoring the network environment. This modern monitoring software excels in comparison with competing solutions, especially  with its user-friendly environment. V ery comfortable and simple is also the licensing of this product. It consists of a one-  time license for a selected number of sensors with the option of software support for one,  two or three years. The system supports the monitoring of various entities ( *** ) of the computer network, with which it communicates using management protocols. The software will attract not only IT specialists, but also companies and their management, thanks to its very clear display of the course of supervision and measurement results in the built-in database.  The system is cross-platform. It can be operated in a variety of environments. On  Windows, Linux platform, Unix and Mac OS: The system also supports clustering  probe  configuration. 


( *** )
a) SW entity -> web and non-web applications, software, application virtualization servers and environments, operation of electronic shops, etc.
b) HW entity -> active network elements supporting network management such as routers, switches, firewalls, etc.

Diestra® & ESET company


 Protection of end devices and servers


To secure terminal equipment and central elements in the network, we use sophisticated solutions from this excellent Slovak company, which has been specializing in the protection of computer networks and data for decades. We recommend antivirus solutions from ESET to our customers for use in information and communication technologies, for their protection against viruses and malware. Diestra ®  is certified by the highest levels of certification, which, among other things, confirms that IT specialists in our company have a high technical level and knowledge of products directly from ESET and, most importantly, are very well versed in cyber security in general. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the most suitable product and licensing method.



Diestra® & Fujitsu company




Diestra consulting holds the award as a Fujitsu Partner certificate. We focus on services from Fujitsu's product portfolio, such as servers, storage, software and network switches. Fujitsu, in addition to focusing on providing IT services for the business sphere, thanks to its branches also deals with other products and services in the areas of  personal computers ,  telecommunications  and advanced  microelectronics . Fujitsu has over 185,000 employees and branches in 70 countries. This makes it the fourth largest IT company in the world and the first in Japan. The slogan  "The possibilities are infinite"  appears in most corporate ads and is also associated with a small symbol above the letters J and I of the word Fujitsu. This small logo (  ) represents  infinity.


Diestra® & Veeam company


    Backup for a small business 


 Veeam® Backup Essentials ™ provides powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use backup, recovery, monitoring, and reporting for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV, as well as physical and cloud workloads (including AWS and Azure). This small business backup solution is designed for businesses with less than 250 employees and environments with up to 6 processor slots or 50 instances. At the same time, Veeam Backup Essentials provides the same enterprise-class features as Veeam Availability Suite ™, saving up to 60%. We will be happy to design and select the most suitable method and process for backing up data and databases in your organization so that data and backups are always available to you when needed.





Diestra® & RemoteUtilites company


Vlastní řešení pro vzdálený přístup k síti


If you do not want for remote access to resources in the corporate network of common "cloud based" applications, a possible solution is this software that can be installed in-house. The basic features of the system include:

Full control and preview
Connect to your device's remote desktop via secure communication wherever you are. Display the remote screen, use the remote mouse and keyboard
File transfer
Move files conveniently via the Drag n 'Drop function between local and remote environments. Or simply create a dedicated environment for copying files in two-pane view like a pro
Two-step verification
With two-factor access authentication turned on, you get the ultimate user protection. Using a Google authenticator or similar application, you will generate a security code for each individual session.
Active Directory support
Computer network administrators will certainly appreciate the use of AD for a simple and clear definition of access rights and will use a one-click connection.
MSI configuration
Using the MSI configurator, simply create an installer for deployment to devices within your network.
Self-hosted server
Enhance RU functionality with a local server. Create a 100% autonomous remote support solution to meet the most stringent security requirements.

If you are considering this method of remote administration, we will be happy to help you with its acquisition and licensing.







Technology base of device

Integrated, compact and comfortable measuring system
The device is controlled by a industrial CPU
Definition : IoT category
Resistance according to standard: IP68



 check / inspect the following parameters:


 • position of the mechanical component - open / closed status detection
• status of the mechanical component - communicates / doesn't communicate
• pressure / vacuum level in the monitored technology
• GPS position monitoring
• current status of monitoring batteries
• ambient temperatur



Type of data communication

• sending change states of sensory measurements: component 1 / component 2
• sending data at regular intervals to the database via IoT network SigFox
• sending data based on the sent request towards Monitoring (optional)



• meets the requirements for mass applications
• allows operation with a very long battery life
• secure communication network architecture, interference immunity
• stable uplinl / downlink operation
• ultra-band radio modulation
• the transmission is not synchronized between the device and the network
• high emphasis on the security of transmitted data


Format of the acquired data
(options according to the requirements of the end user):

• basic line display of data distributed for use in the client's own surveillance system
• tabular display of monitoring status and subsequently data (basic data view)
• display of monitoring status and subsequently data on a map base based on the provided GPS position



• Guaranteed battery life per one charge: 24 months
• Estimated battery life per one charge: 48 months (and more)
 •  Warranty: 24 months


How it works?


Diestra® Monitoring > Helpdesk

Radio Configuration 1:  868-878.6 MHz with EIRP* = 16 dBm. 



Diestra® Monitoring Helpdesk 

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